Betty Blanket - Handmade Chunky Knit Blanket

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These amazing, handmade, chunky knit, merino wool blankets are the perfect addition to any home! Use as a throw, a cover or really tuck up and watch a film whilst poking your holes through the knit so you can still much through that bag of popcorn!

Handmade in Cornwall with the finest Merino Wool and knitted with extra large knitting needles to make sure the knit is consistent and tidy!

Comes in a variety of colours!

Size: 120x120cm blanket

Caring for Merino Wool;

100% Merino wool, which is naturally stain, odour and water resistant. Every piece is party felted and treated by hand to ensure that shredding is at a minimal (If at all). However piling is a natural occurrence of wool and is not a defect. They can be removed by gently pulling away with fingers and then smoothing down. Blot any spillages with cold water, give it an occasional good shake and airing, and take for specialist cleaning only if absolutely necessary.

Chunky Knit 100% Merino wool Sofa blanket.

Ethically Sourced
Made just for you
Seriously comfy! Love that its hand made, Ainslie has made something lovely here thats going to get a lot of use this winter!
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