Cappuccino Vegan Brownies

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Introducing the new cappaccino brownie to the family.

These coffee infused brownies are topped with dairy free white chocolate and lucuma powder. Making these your go to breakfast , your afternoon pick me up or your after dinner treat, the choice is yours.

are you still wondering what lucuma is? I thought so.. it translates to eggplant and is from South America. It tastes like custard and it makes this brownie next level heaven.

Coconut sugar, cocoa, gluten free flour, oil, almond milk, natural coffee flavouring, dairy free white chocolotae, lucumo powder, coffee bean.

Dairy Free
Ethically Sourced
Free Delivery Available
Made just for you
MSG Free
Natural Ingredients
Refined Sugar Free
Gluten Free
Yummyyy!! Really beautiful brownies, indulgent and really give you that intensive chocolate hit.
Such deep chocolate, l like little blocks of heaven!
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