Magnificent Duo Wax Melt Box

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Our famous Noubalm magnificent duo set is now available in an elixir of luxury natural soy melts.

Noubalm Luxury Natural Soy Melts are extremely special for inner peace and outer calm. Hand poured pure soy wax combined with an elixir of delectable pure essential oils.

Noubalm luxury soy candles are clean burning, sustainable soy wax candles so no black soot or emissions fill your home or work place when burning.

Blended and infused with high quality essential oils so you experience the many benefits of the beautifully healing fragranced aromas.

Scents: Magnificent Duo, Beaches of Tranquility, Dusk Til Dawn

An example of our 100% vegan hand poured luxury healing soy wax melts, which make a pretty display even before they are used. Unlike candles that burn with a wick, Wax Melts, are placed on the top of an oil burner and slowly warmed from a tea light.

Heavenly Healing Melts- A luscious, hand poured daytime soy candle elixir, enriched with pure essential oils Chamomile and Orange. A powerful super-blend of uplifting orange and calming chamomile essential oils are sure to soothe your mind and uplift your spirit. When it feels like the day is too much enjoy a moment of heavenly healing peace and quiet in the soft flickering light of uplifting indulgence. Let this exuberant, uplifting blend of orange, combined with calming chamomile uplift your mood and calm your mind so you can enjoy your day as you succumb to the irresistible fragrance ensuring you are left feeling content with a blissful feeling of confidence and outer calm. *6 heavenly healing with chamomile and orange

Beauty Sleep Miracle Melts- A luxurious, hand poured evening soy candle elixir, enriched with pure essential oils Lavender and Rose. A powerful blend of calming Lavender and soothing rose essential oils aids relaxation as you wind down at the day’s end and prepare for a blissful night’s sleep. Leave your day behind, switch of your mind and unwind into the soothing glow of our luxury beauty sleep miracle candle. Find your self a moment of peace, calming your mind and body after dark. The soft, flattering light, together with its therapeutic fragrance, will soothe senses and increase inner peace, ensuring a restful night of beauty sleep. *6 beauty sleep miracle with lavender and rose

  • 12 melts per box
  • Burning time 4 hours with a standard tea light
  • Scent time long lasting

100% vegan hand poured luxury healing soy wax melts

Natural Ingredients

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