Raw Honey Gift Set - 6 Jars in a Wooden Case

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We have chosen our most popular types of honey so any, even the most picky person, will find honey they love.
in all fairness there is no shadow of a doubt in my mind that all of the honeys will satisfy anyone.

Here is a list of honeys included:

  • Acacia – light and slightly floral, very popular with kids, slow to crystallise.
  • Buckwheat – dark and strong flavoured, malty almost yeasty, considered better than Manuka
  • Gingerbread – self explanatory. Christmas on a spoon.
  • Rapeseed – sweet and creamy, very good for hey fevers, tablet like
  • Sunflower – classical Winnie the Pooh type of Honey, sweet and strong flavoured.
  • Wildflower – complex and very floral, sweet but not too much, perfect on toast.


Honey has been considered a very special gift for a very long time in many cultures. Since it was very difficult to obtain it carried a meaningful value especially if the person giving it was tin fact the same person who risked their life to obtain it.

Share the love and gift Honey


We have prepared this gift with recycled materials only but fear not it is still exceptionally executed and to the highest standard.

Each jar is hand packed and warped in snow-white tissue paper before it will bee securely placed in the internal compartment of this unique wooden case. On the inner label you will find all the honeys described with some flavour hints of what to expect as well as a brief history of honey and an amazing honey cake recipe.
not only tasty, healthy but inspiring as well.

The box it self is made out of pine and has not been varnished or painted to retain that simplistic, almost scandic feel to it.

Dairy Free
Eco Friendly Packaging
Ethically Sourced
MSG Free
Natural Ingredients
Refined Sugar Free
Gluten Free

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