Vegan Dinner Party Brownies

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Introducing a new collection for all your party needs. Bring these out after dinner and you'll have evryone talking,mostly about which flavour they are going to have.

This box contains

2 x Peppermint

2 x Chocolate Orange

2 x Red berry and white chocolate

2 x Chilli Chocolotae

All the chocoloate used is dairy free and are all handmade to order.

You will receive 8 (£16) , 16 (£30) or 24 (£44) handmade and made to order brownies presented in the bespoke gift box that fits through your letter box.

Classic brownie base Ingredients: organic coconut sugar, cocoa, bran oil, eggs, dairy free white chocolate, peppermint oil, pumpkin seeds and edible glitter.

Dairy Free
Eco Friendly Packaging
Free Delivery Available
Made just for you
MSG Free
Natural Ingredients
Refined Sugar Free
Gluten Free
Got this for guess what... a dinner party! Went down very well with a glass of wine!
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