Battle Green - Bamboo Toothbrush with Plant-Based Bristles

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Bamboo really is a miracle plant: It releases 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere compared to other trees; it’s the only plant that can keep up with human consumption (growing up to 3ft a day); it’s self-nourishing and requires no pesticides or chemicals to also makes our rather beautiful (biodegradable and naturally antibacterial) zero waste toothbrushes!

This listing is for one Battle Green bamboo toothbrush (the matching bamboo travel case is also available in our shop). The eco-friendly handle is completely biodegradable, so it won't sit in landfill for decades with the plastic toothbrushes.

While many bamboo toothbrushes have nylon or charcoal-infused nylon bristles, we're delighted to say that our toothbrushes have 100% bio-based bristles, derived from castor oil. No petroleum and no BPA.

Bristle firmness: Medium.

Dentists recommend that you replace your toothbrush every three months.

All of our items are sent using biodegradable, plastic-free packing materials.

Battle Green bamboo toothbrush

Eco Friendly Packaging
Ethically Sourced
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Natural Ingredients

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