Palm Kokedama 'Fresh Air' plant

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Easy to care forWater plant weeklyPartial sunAir purifying plant

This plant really adds that tropical feel to a living space.

This plant is very easy to look after and also has the wonderful quality of being a “Fresh Air” plant that takes in CO2 and gives out O2 in abundance (as well as removing dangerous chemicals in the air like formaldehyde).

The plant is rooted in a ball of soil with a live blanket of moss wrapped around it, approx 13 -15 cm diameter.

Resiliency - Hardy, easy to look after.

Lighting - Likes low to medium light, avoid direct sun. Watering - When moss ball feels light or once a week. Doesn't like to be over-watered. It likes its leaves misted. Cut off spotted or dry brown leaves from stem.

Max height - approx 80 cm Fresh Air plant - Removes-Formaldehyde,Toluene,Xylene

Fertilizing- feed monthly in Spring, Summer and Autumn with a product like Baby Bio.


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Palm Kokedama

Natural Ingredients
This plant allows the "girl who kills all house plants" to have a lovely looking plant in the home... still going strong and everyone complements it. Very low maintenance for hectic lives too.
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