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One common concern from those contemplating the Paleo diet is having to give up bread. But just because you can’t eat wheat and grain anymore doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a nice slice of bread! Bread has become an important staple in the diet of so many families that they find it hard to eliminate completely.

Our Primal Bread might not be a love at first bite when compared with a normal wheat-based loaf, but it will taste delicious if you’ve been eating gluten free bread lately! Unlike conventional bread this one is full of nutritious ingredients such as eggs (loads of them), ground almonds and flax seeds to top up your Omega 3s. Ideal for those who love toast in the morning and a real treat with scramble eggs on top! with a mere 20g of carbs per 100g you can still enjoy bread even if you are counting them.

Tip: Cut the loaf horizontally to get bigger slices. And don’t forget to toast it to bring out all the flavour.

Size: one loaf provides 8/10 portions, 400gr aprox

Storage: keep in a cool place. Suitable for home freezing

Ingredients: ground almonds, arrowroot powder, flaxseeds, eggs, bicarbonate of soda, cream of tartar, salt

Nutritional information (per 100gr): 21gr carbs, 19gr protein, 23gr fat, 10gr fibre, 2.9gr sugars, 390kcal

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Natural Ingredients
Refined Sugar Free
Gluten Free

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