Endangered Dhole Hunting Dog Greetings Card

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Dhole greetings card. A blank card with a print of my watercolour dhole painting on. The perfect card for an animal lover or conservationist.

Printed on the back of the card:

"Dholes also known as Asian wild dogs are very similar in their characteristics to African wild dogs, but look like a long-legged fox, they are however more closely related to wolves than foxes. Living in packs of about 10 to 15 animals they are so organised they are even able to take down a tiger if necessary, but usually stalk prey such as boar and sambar deer. True family animals, the pack always allows the youngest members to eat first.

Dholes are found throughout the South and East of Asia, but have disappeared from 75% of their historic range, with only around 1000 to 2000 mature individuals left in the wild. Habitat loss, depletion of prey base, competition for prey, persecution and disease from domestic dogs all contribute to their continuing decline in numbers."

This print is from my Chase the Wilderness collection of artwork. It is ethically designed using the most eco-friendly materials possible in both the design and manufacture of all the products. Have a look around my shop for more cards and prints showing all sorts of endangered species, even some you might not have heard of.

This card is printed onto A6 luxury textured white 100% recycled card, with a natural grey 100% recycled paper C6 envelope.

Packaged inside a card backed envelope, it is packed 'naked' unless you would like me to pop it in a compostable cellophane envelope (please send me a message with your purchase if you would like this).Packaged sealed in a compostable cellophane envelope inside a board backed envelope. All my products and packaging are made with recycled materials wherever possible and are always either recyclable or biodegradable.

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