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Coffee Tree Gift

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This beautifully wrapped Coffee tree makes a fabulous house plant and promises a crop of aromatic coffee beans! This Coffee tree has lush, glossy leaves all year and will thrive on a bright windowsill or in a warm porch or conservatory. Its red and purple ‘cherries’ ripen over several months. When plucked, the coffee beans inside can be extracted and roasted to produce an aromatic coffee.

All our trees are organically nurtured here, in The Present Tree's gardens. When you place your order a beautiful Coffee tree, botanical name: Coffea arabica, will be freshly selected by our devoted gardeners before being wrapped and placed in its luxury parcel.

A card with your personal message, the story of the Coffee tree's ancient meaning and a full care guide is also enclosed with your gift.

Coffee Tree and a little bit of soil!

Eco Friendly Packaging
Natural Ingredients

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