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by Daryl Burton
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Welcome to the Humble Market Blog! Here you can find our thoughts and feelings about our Humble Market - whether this be Vegan Gift Ideas, Product thoughts, short videos or world events!

Vegan Gift Ideas

by Daryl Burton

We know it can be a little daunting picking the right present, so let us do it for you!

Find below our top picks for Vegan Gifts:

A Kind Mama - Vegan Oreo Brownies:

Nothing says 'you're the best' quite like these delicious brownies! Home made, freshly cooked and delivered to your door! They're gooey, they're huge and also a little bit amazing.

Click here for brownies!


Tyne Chease - Selection Box:

Did you know you can now get Vegan Cheese? Well you can! Made from nuts, this delicious Vegan Chease Selection Box comes in a lovely wooden crate which is perfect for a gift!

Click here for the vegan cheese!


Truffle Pig - Mixed Truffle Box:

Now these little gems are a must! Also home made, this delicious mixed truffle box includes the AWARD WINNING double chocolate truffles along with the mouth watering salted caramel and butternut truffles! They also come in a super cute gift box!

Click here for the vegan truffles!


Noubalm - Heavenly Healing Balm:

Its not all about food, we also want cruetly free and natural products to put on our skin too! This Healing Balm does the trick! It contains natural oils in a beeswax base that forms a solid oil to smooth and purify, tighten pores, plus hydrate and repair the skin!

Click here for Heavenly Healing!


Lagom Essence - Happy Blend Seven - Natural Candle:

Natural and vegan friendly candle - it smells amazing, looks lovely and has completely natural ingredients, its a perfect stocking filler!

Click for Natural Candle!


Gorge Truffles - Classic Selection Box

And we can't finish this list without some more delicious vegan food! This selection box with 24 (yes 24!) amazing and unique truffles comes in an amazing gift box and is perfect as a vegan friendly gift!

Click for Classic Selection Box!


Black Friday? Not for us!

by Daryl Burton

Black Friday? Not for us

Rather than a quick saving over this strange weekend that might make our small businesses struggle, Humble Market are donating 5% from each sale to the Coral Gardeners .
For more information, please see this video:

Lets change Black Friday to #BlueFriday in order to stop saving a few quid but instead helping our planet!


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