Humble Rewards!

Humble Reward Points

Our Humble Market wants to give back to our customers! We not only provide unique and amazing products that are good for the planet and good for you, we also allow you to earn rewards whilst doing so. With every sale from our Humble Market, if you are a registered user then you are able to earn reward points that you can then spend with our Humble Associated Sellers.

Please remember that you need to be registered with us to earn these reward points, if you're not registered unfortunately we just have to keep the reward points for ourselves and we're full to the brim with them so we don't want any more!

For every £1 you receive 20 points!

For the majority of our sellers and products, 20 points is the equivalent of £0.05. Trust us, it certainly racks up!

Please visit your profile to see how many points you have. You can then spend any points you have on checkout.