Salthouse Gravadlux Kit

Salthouse and Peppermongers


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Impress your friends with gravadlux - or just impress yourself. 

The gravadlux is an incredibly easy, positively delicious way to cook all sorts of foods, from veg to fish.

The name comes from a Nordic fish dish inspired by the technique of burying your salmon (lax) in the ground (grave) with salt cure. Salthouse have added a luxurious twist to the gravalax with two handcrafted Himalayan salt blocks and exclusive beetroot and juniper curing blends.

In addition to their luxurious taste, the Himalayan salt blocks prove economical in their reuse and are easily cleaned for a smooth and elegant cooking experience.

Each kit comes with a wooden display box, 2 Himalayan salt blocks, 100g Salthouse beetroot curing mix (includes beetroot, dill, fennel seeds and brown sugar), 100g juniper curing mix (includes juniper berries, dill, mustard seeds and caster sugar) and 4 curing pouches.

Block Size (x2)

Length x Width x Depth: 8" x 4" x 1."
(20.32 cm x 10.16 cm x 2.54 cm)


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